Sunday, March 11, 2012

March News....gigs!

It's been quiet in Teporah-land over the winter. After the piano bar I was playing in regularly took out the piano, I decided to re-focus my energies to nothingness. Sometimes, letting things go brings other energies into your space. If it's too hard to paddle up stream, it's okay to let go and just float with the current. So that's what I did. The first gig of my fresh new outlook was Friday evening at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Reston. I admit, I love playing to a Unitarian crowd. They are good people! I had a great time. The crowd was super sweet, I sold a few CDs (one was a birthday present, you all know how special that feels), and shared alot of love, both ways. Thank you Doug Sedgewick for inviting me into your church's space for an evening!

It's a month of firsts. I've had Crush Wine on my radar after a good friend in Annapolis suggested I play there. The owner figured he'd give me a try, so I'm looking forward to that on the 23rd. He said it's always packed on Fridays, so I hope there's a corner for my piano! It will be really nice to play in Annapolis again, as I have some good friends, and fans down there.

And another first is coming up on the 31st. It's an open mic where I'm the feature, at a sweet little hipped out coffee shop in the Arts District by North Ave, a block from Joe Squared.

I'm enjoying playing out again...that's for sure! And it's a different vibe than last year...


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  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to say I caught your show at the uu church and it was really nice. I've only been to two of these uu coffeehouses but I liked that they were adding an entertainer who was very jazzy and soulfull. I went in on a cd with my friend, shows you how cheap I am, and we spent an afternoon listening to it. I loved the version of summertime as well as what you called your one-handed tune ( I think its tick tock). While I was listening to your cover of imagine I thought you would really sound great covering donnie hathaway's Sack Full of Dreams. Hope to see you perform live some day again.